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Teeth Today

Jeffrey Ganeles, DMD, FACD

  • Periodontics
3020 N Military Trail
Suite 200
Boca Raton, FL 33431

(561) 912-9993

Welcome to the practice of Jeffrey Ganeles, DMD, the originator of TeethToday® as featured on a top rated nationally televised show. TeethToday® will set the standard for implant dentistry as an important part of esthetic dentistry and dental health. It is a giant step forward even for anyone who has been told that they are a poor candiate for dental implants.

Dr. Ganeles specializes in an immediately loaded dental implant procedure that replaces lost or broken teeth or bridges and other dental attachments with new teeth - and he does it in less than 24 hours. The procedure for placing new teeth has improved tremendously thanks to Dr. Ganeles’ innovative technique and commitment to sensitive patient care.

No one wants to have bad teeth and an unattractive smile. With TeethToday®, you are free from removable, annoying, unpredictable and sometimes painful dentures and bridges. No more dentures. No more bridges. In one day, you will go from having to hide your smile, your breath, and your embarrassment to having new replacement teeth. And when you do, you will also reclaim something you may have thought was lost to you forever: your sense of dignity and ease about your appearance.

TeethToday®, using an immediate load technique, has been proven reliable with up to a 99.5% success rate. Please go to the TeethToday® Story to learn how you can give yourself the gift of new teeth in just 24 hours.


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Jeffrey  Ganeles

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