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Custom Website Design

Dentalportal.com was built by its sister company, Ecropolis. Ecropolis was founded in 1999, and since then, has built hundreds of websites for all types of organizations. Ecropolis has built sites for doctors, dentists, music bands, artists, non-profits, hotels, small businesses, churches, and a multitude of other types of businesses. Ecropolis has developed a more recent expertise in building websites for dentists and dentistry-based businesses. We approach a dental practice with the same strategy we would take with any other sort of venture.

The Ecropolis website addresses these KEY GOALS:

  • To brand the practice giving it a strong, consistent identity that brings feelings of security and professionalism to the visitor.
  • To provide meaningful and easy to reach information for potential patients. This could include information such as hours, insurance acceptance, policies, and forms.
  • A method of contacting the dentist's office without revealing employee's email addresses to be picked up by spammers harvesting email addresses.
  • To provide the practice a method of easily updating key information on their website without the need to work with a website developer for simple updates.
  • To deliver a site that is optimized for search engines so that our client's websites get found and well ranked in Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines and directories.
  • To deliver a site that is complient with current coding standards and best usability practices.
  • Ecropolis is ready to protect your web presence by providing a robust hosting platform; the same platform that drives the dentalportal.com website, and to provide customer service and support around the clock.

Ecropolis built websites are successful not only because we build with a goal in mind, we also have the expertise to bring goals to life.

  • Our principal has 13 years of web development experience and almost 20 years in creative fields, including photography and video.
  • Our two person web design and graphic design team has a combined 14 years of experience.
  • Our Flash guru has been creating award winning Flash designs since Flash hit the web in the late 90s.
  • Our two person programming team has 12 years of programming/database experience in multiple languages.
  • Our system administrator is an honors graduate of Virginia Tech with 6 years of experience running Linux and Windows Server environments that serve the security and optimization needs of web server traffic.

Ecropolis is a website boutique. We take on a handful of projects each month and deliver our best for each. And though we are small, we have the resources to deliver the perfect website for your practice. And better, you will have the confidence that your project won't be lost in the ranks of a larger organizatoin and handed off to a junior developer or college intern.

Give us a call ((214) 945-0505) today or send us an email letting us know the best time to call. We're open to consult on your needs on a limited basis, free of charge.

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